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Outline for Problem Solving

4Sight astrology client makes notes

Procrastination got you stymied? Facing a serious dilemma? Stuck for a solution to ANYTHING? Tying to plot a short story, article or novel?

Get a legal-size pad and pen or pencil.

Think about your situation. It's been swirling around your unconscious for HOW LONG? Trust yourself. The answer is ready.

In the center of your legal page, write down the first word, phrase, name or image that comes to mind . . . no matter how silly or unrelated it seems.

DON'T CENSOR ANYTHING! Nobody will see this but you.

Draw a circle around that first thought.

In another area of the page, write down the next word, phrase, name or image that pops into your head. Draw a circle around it and connect it to your first circle with a straight line.

Write down your NEXT word, phrase, name or image. WHATEVER it is. Don't worry about whether it "makes sense." (Making sense is what's been holding you back from solving your situation to begin with.) Circle it and connect it to the previous circle with a line.

Keep going . . . writing, circling, connecting.

You will know when you've come to the end of this easy-to-tap process.

NOW you can start making sense out of what is staring you in the face.

NOW you will know what actions to take next.

That's all there is to it!

Congratulations! You're on your way!


Timing in Advance - for Dummies

4Sight astrology is a signpost

Knowing when individualized trendlines intersect, conflict or reinforce each other can mean all the difference between encountering obstacles along the way to goals, or networking the support you need to achieve them. That’s what 4Sight provides.

 Even without those specifics, here is one trendline anybody can monitor.

 Among numerous naturally recurring vectors affecting everything from personal goals to businesses, the economy, politics, is a periodicity of 2½. Two-and-a-half hours, days, weeks, months, years.

 We’re familiar with this cycle in certain musical scales (sound vibrations of two whole steps then a half-step), the periodicity of the Moon’s apparent orbit (2½ days in one Zodiacal Sign), even solar flares data and major solar proton events (2½ years).

 You don’t have to be a musician or physicist to use the recurring cycle of 2½ to track—in advance—minor and major turning points of virtually anything—based from when something begins.

 You get a cold, for instance. 2½ days later one of two things happens: your cold gets worse or starts to get better. If it gets worse, in 2½ more days (5 days from when it begins) it again either gets worse or improves.

 You fall in love. 2½ days later—and 2½ weeks and 2½ months and 2½ years later—the relationship changes. It grows, diminishes, or ends. This natural cycle is the origin of the notorious Seven Year Itch (actually a 7½ year itch that equals three 2½ year periods).

 You purchase stocks or commodities. Pay attention to directional changes 2½ days later (or even 2½ hours if you’re a day trader). And 2½ weeks, months, years. People make (and lose) fortunes by paying attention to (or ignoring) this one easy-to-remember natural period.

 You start a business project. Anticipate developmental changes that will naturally arise in 2½ days, weeks, months and years, etc., over the life of the venture. (More major developmental turning points will occur at about 7½ days, weeks, months, years.)

 Anticipating those natural periodic turning points can help you lessen impatience; react rationally instead of impulsively to expected changes; organize and prepare appropriate responses and actions to take next.

 What worked for Einstein can work for you!


The Single Most Important First Step Toward Goal Achievement? 

4Sight astrology clent


That seemingly simple first step toward Goal Achievement is taught wherever you turn. Life coaches, seminar leaders, professional motivators, psychologists—all tell you the same thing. “Write your goal down.”

Without that initial step, you’re bound to miss your target. Here’s why.

Everything—but EVERYTHING—in your life starts in your head.

Even outer circumstances that seem to happen “to” you and apart from you depend almost completely for their effects in your life on how they’re interpreted in your mind.

Winning the lottery? Injury or illness? Falling in love? Getting fired? Landing a job? Relocating? Everybody reacts differently—psychologically—emotionally—to “outside” events. Some make grand tragedies out of hangnails. Others turn seemingly genuine handicaps and setbacks into triumphs.

The difference is what happens inside people’s heads.

In achieving Goals—any Goals—Writing Down The Goal Is Essential.

If your Goals involve current converging astrological trendlines, so much the better, since you'll be focused to speed along with minimal delays or friction and maximum support.

The act of writing down your Goal is its first path to physical actualization in three dimensions.

Literally, the Goal in your head flashes like lightning through your synapses to your fingers and then onto paper. It is the moment your idea, your Goal, is truly and tangibly born. Not before. Without this step, it’s stillborn.

Believe it or not, it’s best to physically write your goal down on paper first. Later, you can type it into a note on your computer, tablet or smartphone for easier access and referral.

Of course you will continue to revise, outline, add details and nurture your baby from then on. As you do, it reveals more and more about itself, as does any child.

One of the best procedures for writing down and structuring your Goal(s) is a technique from Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Franklin. Get a copy of “Writing for Story.”

Not only is Franklin’s method crucial for ANY kind of writing, fiction or non-fiction, business proposals and letters; even if professional writing is not your Goal, it is the single simplest and clearest system for goal-structuring I have found. (Secondarily, clear communications are essential in virtually ALL professions, to some degree. "Writing for Story" will help you with that too.)

You will learn how, in a mere 9 words (or an expanded 15), to nail down your specific targets in a dynamic, compact form your brain can readily retain and actualize.

Your Goal will finally emerge with three (or five) three-word sentences: Subject / Verb / Object.

Beginning / Middle / End.

You will know where you want to go, why, and how to get there.

4Sight can be invaluable in helping identify and define your goals; anticipate and time your actions; uncover subtle motivations and agendas in yourself and others. 4Sight works. Some reactions from over 55,000 people and 53 years.

“Writing for Story,” by Jon Franklin. Get it, use it to create the story of your life, starting where you are right now.


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