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Trending in June

(Each person's 4Sight astrology analysis is different and specific. But current trendlines and cycles affect everybody. Just because a trend is valid for millions doesn't make it less valid for one!)

4Sight astrology couple

Take care of important legal and financial documents and communications in the first half of June especially. Especially if buying property, starting a business, or setting up an LLC, there can be numerous complications or details to pay attention to. You may need to retain the services of a lawyer, accountant or tax expert. If in doubt, don’t hesitate: hiring a professional now can save significant headaches later.

You could be making plans to travel this month and next – for work, pleasure, education or family get-togethers. In fact, many will want to “go back to school” (formally or informally) during the summer (or longer) – getting training in pursuit of a wonderful hobby, or studying for a certificate, license, or even an advanced degree.

The pace may get a bit hectic in the second half of June. Distractions or disorganization or sudden “emergencies” could frazzle you and pull you in all directions at once. Prioritize responsibilities and stick to a schedule.

You may finalize important paperwork (a hallmark all of June) around this period – which marks the start of an important new chapter in your life. A surprise opportunity could open a new and unexpected – but positive – door to walk through!

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