Trending in August

(Each person's 4Sight astrology analysis is different and specific. But current trendlines and cycles affect everybody. Just because a trend is valid for millions doesn't make it less valid for one!)

4Sight astrology couple

Unwanted yet not entirely surprising financial and economic jolts this month can find you seriously seeking to add a second income stream and monetize your creative talents and entrepreneurial dreams by marketing yourself or your creations online, if you haven’t already.

The period between now and next May may find you working hard to build or redesign a website, with professional help to give your online presence the most polished professional look and interface.

That same ten-month period (like carrying / delivering a baby!) sees writers, podcasters, inventors and “influencers” working to develop / revise / polish an important book or product and build an online audience for their podcasts, YouTube channels and e-store hubs.

Working remotely could also prove a solution for those exploring the possibilities of remaining in their existing career field or with a present employer, but permanently relocating to a more desirable or affordable city or region.

Don’t rush or set arbitrarily hurried deadlines for what can ultimately become a major change of career direction. Whatever your goal or project, know that it could be more successful than you ever expected – and treat the process of birthing it with the same love and nurturing you would a newborn. Whatever you’re about to offer the world, you want it to look and be its best when it is launched – and that takes time and persistent effort.

The initiative is in your hands, the ball is in your court – meaning go to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Starting NOW!

4Sight astrology couple