Trending in November

(Each person's 4Sight astrology analysis is different and specific. But current trendlines and cycles affect everybody. Just because a trend is valid for millions doesn't make it less valid for one!)

4Sight astrology couple

Grim political and economic shakeups mean to sit tight and avoid rash decisions involving your bank account and security. But shakeups can also mean sudden breakthroughs and successes – especially for those pursuing unconventional careers or self-employment goals. “It’s always darkest just before dawn,” goes the old cliché (in this case, true).

Entrepreneurial types and remote workers may be ahead of the game since their talents and services are already savvy (or becoming so) in marketing themselves online.

Now through May 2023 is ideal for launching a business, publishing a book, starting a podcast or YouTube channel, as trends favor go-getters with originality, bright new ideas, and winning communications skills. Networking and joint ventures or partnerships are emphasized across this period.

The loss of a significant friend or loved one recently or in the days just ahead can mark the ending of one era in your life and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, though it takes time to recognize that this is where it all began.

4Sight astrology couple