Trending in December

(Each person's 4Sight astrology analysis is different and specific. But current trendlines and cycles affect everybody. Just because a trend is valid for millions doesn't make it less valid for one!)

Good news this month for worldwide coronavirus vaccine production / distribution hopes. In turn, global economic expectations brighten as 2021 begins restoring pandemic-stricken business sectors and international relations.

Scandals, revelations of high crimes and even violence can rock political transitions in the U.S. and other nations (Trump, Putin). But those changes at the top nevertheless seem to pull nations back at least temporarily from escalating war drums and help ring in a more optimistic New Year in 2021.


On a personal level, so much depends on your own initiative and originality in the months ahead. Rather than wait passively for developments to carry you where they may, you need a new "mission" in life to motivate and revitalize you after a time of uncertainty, lethargy, anxiety or depression.

You'll be surprised how contacts you have at a distance or online can be not just helpful and inspirational as far as job ideas, classes, schools, webinars and workshops – but also lead to creative or entrepreneurial business or career opportunities – or working with non-profit groups dedicated to public welfare, the environment, animals, and counseling.

Explore such online resources in connection with a hobby, new interest, seeking a new job, starting a vlog, a business idea, working for yourself, or obtaining a license or degree of some kind that opens important doors for you down the road.