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Trending in August

(Each person's 4Sight astrology analysis is different and specific. But current trendlines and cycles affect everybody. Just because a trend is valid for millions doesn't make it less valid for one!)

4Sight astrology couple

Unexpected interruptions or emergencies can upset plans and appointment schedules, especially early in the month. It’s also a time to be prudent with money and watch a tendency toward extravagance or taking on ill-thought-out debt. You could regret major purchases later. It can’t hurt to wait a bit or seek a better price or terms.

Long-range goals and projects can pay off, but will likely require more work and time than you anticipate. Don’t let that stop you and don’t skimp on the time it takes to turn out quality. There is definitely a market for what you’re selling – especially if it involves an unusual personal talent or expertise, is creative, involves the internet, and appeals to unconventional, alternative or cutting-edge interests.

You may begin seriously studying a hobby of some with an eye to turning it into a secondary or even primary income stream – a self-employment venture or studying to obtain a license or training of some kind.

Be prepared to go with the flow this month, as opportunities can pop up out of left field and potentially take your work (and maybe your life!) in a surprising new direction. That includes romantic opportunities, if you’re in the market – or chances for you and an existing partner to find some vacation or alone time together.

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