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Robert Glasscock, astrologer

"You make your own Fate. And nothing helps you make it like astrology." - Robert Glasscock

Astrology? In the 21st Century? Why?  

Because astrology works. In a recorded webinar November 4, 2017 for a large audience at Kepler College - I predicted: 

"2 ½ years [from the webinar in November 2017] is the maximum he [Trump] can remain in office. [May of 2020] … unless there is a military coup and takeover of the United States. It's no hyperbole to say that May of 2020 is the outside marker for the end of Donald Trump or the end of the United States and the free republic for which it stands."

As predicted, May, 2020 saw the dam break. George Floyd's murder by white police exploded into Black Lives Matter protests worldwide; forcing removals of racist Confederate statues; followed by Trump's staged "defiant" march through non-violent protesters violently restrained by police so Trump could pose in front of a church holding (upside down) a Bible. John Bolton's and Mary Trump's tell-all books were announced, promising future scandals and fallout.

President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was the focus of an in-depth New York Times exposé“By early June, it was clear that the White House had gotten it wrong.” 

“Digging into new data from Dr. Birx, they concluded the virus was in fact spreading with invisible ferocity during the weeks in May when states were opening up with Mr. Trump’s encouragement and many were all but declaring victory,” the newspaper reported.

Then came June's flood. COVID-19's raging pandemic (Trump had called it a "hoax") reached new peaks (U.S. #1 in deaths) and BLM protests continued.


Back-to-back bombshells headlined Trump's disastrous Tulsa rally, followed by his ultimate betrayal of the nation: Trump knew about Russia paying bounties to Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan but kept it secret. "I was never briefed." The entire nation and the electoral picture changed dramatically.

June spewed headlines like: "Trump’s a traitor — and the Russian bounty scandal is the final straw."

Trump’s support among senior military leaders waned until the Pentagon said “no” to Trump's attempts to use active duty troops against protesting American citizens.

Then came Bob Woodward's book and revelations from the NYT that Trump paid no taxes. Brad Parscale's scandal. And finally, COVID-19 in the White House, as Donald Trump tests positive, is rushed by helicopter to Walter Reed, as other aides and staffers test positive and his election campaign staff collapses in fear and panic.

Predicted by astrology three years before the fact.


That's why my clientele numbers over 55,000 people from 122 countries across 55 years - and why such specific, valuable  foreknowledge can serve and benefit you too! Astrology is made for people wanting to understand and rediscover their full identities in a world changing more rapidly than ever in human history . . . by understanding the natural cycles in which they were born.

4Sight astrology clients

"I don't want to know!" some say of astrology - people who ironically won't leave home without checking weather apps and Google Maps for weather and traffic conditions. But your life is the most important journey you will ever take. Astrology exists to help you make the most of it.

People think astrology is superstition, or fear hearing something horrible and "inevitable" - but neither is true. Astrology maps your life's seasons by telling you when it's going to be hot, cold, balmy or stormy - so you can prepare accordingly to protect yourself, or take full advantage of trends and opportunities you might otherwise miss.

From looking at your entire life, or a particular 12-month year, or through the lens of highly specific and complex questions, astrology offers valuable analytical insights into situations and decisions, and timing unobtainable by any other means.

A Japanese businessman client told me forty years ago: "I never let astrology stop me from doing what I really want to do; but I do let it choose the most optimal time to launch it." 


A wise man. And wealthy.

Knowing your own astrology is the difference between advance knowledge of cooperation and support, or obstacles and challenges ahead: personally, professionally. Astrology is not "psychic," "fortune telling" or Sun-Sign "cold readings" (claimed by skeptics who've never encountered true astrology).

Astrology also excels at analyzing probabilities for specific questions and situations - including timing, outcomes, and in-depth understanding of trends and people involved - based on cycles 
as predictable as earth's seasons; detailed personal cycles and trends similar to weather forecasting (but much more specific and individualized) - to maximize self-realization and goal actualization - and minimize poor timing and self-defeating choices

Astrology works. That's why, since 1965, I've served a clientele of over 55,000 people from 122 countries with astrology's uncannily valuable solutions, insights, guidance and answers to problems and questions.

4Sight astrology is a map

What kinds of questions?

Important upcoming turning points · New avenues and times to realize goals · Career choices and changes · Relocation decisions · Major purchases and investments · Romance · Marriage / divorce / children · Lawsuits · Financial matters · Education and professional training.​

“People must surely run out of positive descriptors when attempting to tell you how incredibly amazing you are.” 
- M. Aistrich

4Sight clearly explains the reasons, situations, people, hidden factors to be considered, even unconscious influences – and the most propitious timing for buying property, investing, avoiding losses, relocating, and instituting successful life decisions.

"I don’t know how you did it, but you picked an absolute perfect day! Thank you for your sage wisdom." 
- M. Marelli

4Sight provides objective, reliable, trustworthy and confidential advance knowledge to identify, analyze, anticipate and prioritize options - as well as to time initiatives and courses of action. 

"Those are exactly the two windows of time I was looking at, so thank you for confirming and explaining it for me!" - T. Quinlan

Reach out to 4Sight. Find out how astrology can benefit you through fully understanding your present situation and paths to the best possible outcomes.

"You really are a master of your craft." 
- I. Draghici

Explore 4Sight and make astrology work for you!

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