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4Sight astrology around the world

Amazing personal astrology for 4Sight's worldwide clientele!

4Sight astrology client
4Sight astrology coule
4Sight astrology client
4Sight astrology client

"Everything you predicted has hit the news!" - C. Dolphin

"Thank you for the profoundly healing, thorough, and accurate (!) reading!  I'm deeply moved by what you said, and how much you give." – M. Burton, California

"Thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer - your analysis is the most insightful and helpful I've ever received." -  Natalia M., Krasnodarskiy Krai, Russia

"Thank you again. More than I was expecting! All the best in your esteemed career." - N. Welton, New York City

"I want to thank you for the remarkable input you bring when reading . . . it is mind-blowing, really! " - I. Draghici, France

"You really were spot on with everything you said. Your advice has been really inspiring. I'm going to read it again and again. I feel much more confident about my life after your analysis." – P. Vilas, Spain

“You pointed out things I haven't discussed with anybody. My divorce and move will be hard on some loved ones, but now I know it’s the right thing for me to do.” – T. Altrui, Savannah

“You made me feel like you were reading my mind. You are truly gifted. God bless.” – M. Bostic, Houston 


"Just wanted you to know that the marketing approaches and timing dates you suggested worked. We've landed our biggest account so far. Thank you SO much!" – M. Tellez, Mexico City

“Words can never express how much your impressions meant to me. You turned on a light at long last.”  – E. Young, New York

“You went to the heart of what I REALLY wanted. That and your other insights suddenly made sense out of everything.” – R. Peters, Vancouver

I don’t think I would have tried for a music career if it hadn’t been for your insights and encouragement. Your timing was right on.” – W. Brady, Chicago 


“I would never have thought of the solution you suggested, but it turned out to be spot on and worked out exactly as you said. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – L. Anders, London

“Exactly right about my job and boss. Glad I wrote before taking action.” – J. Rungren, Minneapolis

“I actually used your suggestions as a sort of outline for my business plan. And for deciding between two different backers / partners. You also suggested a launch date for the business and all I can say is it’s now nearly four years later and it’s very successful! I have recommended you to friends.” – J. Crowe, Aspen

“I didn’t expect anything so deep and wise. You have truly given me a great gift.” – W. Daniels, Toronto

“Many thanks. Advise to delay six weeks became accurate. No regrets.” – J. Cho, Hong Kong

“Invaluable and truly amazing. Mentioning electrical inventions and patents was uncanny. You hit the nail on the head.” – E. Seiler, Frankfurt

“The perspective you gave about the whole situation opened everybody’s eyes to what could have been a huge financial mistake. We are eternally grateful.” – B. Greenhouse, Los Angeles

“I showed your reply to our attorney and she was flabbergasted!” – S. Hutchinson, White Plains


“Thank you for helping us with our son.” – P. Shannon, St. Louis

“WOW!” – N. Kelly, Sydney

“You are so right about my family and about my studying in the States. Since I wrote you in January, I have been accepted at Yale and plan to follow your recommending to apply for scholarship or grant next year. I am grateful.” - Richi, Jaipur

“Penetrating analysis. Impressive.” – C. Felsette, Paris 


“I met with you, a total stranger, when I was seventy-nine. Among other things, you saw a new love in my life in two years and said I’d be happier than I’ve ever been. I thought you were full of it. You even mentioned you didn’t know about a marriage, because not getting married might be better financially for us both. I’m writing to tell you you were absolutely right. I met the man, we live together, and we feel like high school sweethearts!” – V. Ryson, Miami

“Never expect so specific. Insight is incredible.” – Y. Hosokawa, Rio de Janeiro 


“You made me really think about some issues I never realized were so important to my question. I got my confidence back. Thank you so much.” – P. Keck, San   Francisco

“The two candidates I had narrowed down my search to were just like you described them. Thanks to you, I’m certain I made the right choice.” – H. Castoro, Denver

“I couldn’t believe you said a children’s book. That is exactly what I am working on! And illustrating it too! You are amazing!” – A. Hundley, Charleston

“You really helped me understand something about myself that I have worked for years to resolve. I cannot thank you enough." – M. Cohen, Tel Aviv 


“Thanks to everything you said, we feel totally confident about the move. We already ran into a problem on the new house, as you mentioned we might. But since we were prepared for it, we turned it to our advantage on the final price!” – G. Perez, Santa Fe

“Your answer to a very difficult and sad situation was compassionate and short. But you were exactly right. It ‘solved itself’ in just over a month, as you said, and saved us needlessly selling the property.” – F. Dobbins, Scottsdale

“You brought me back to reality and saved a lot of disappointment. I appreciate your kind words.” – O. Sawyer, Las Vegas“

"Your analysis was extremely eye opening and thrilling!" - K. Wong, Honolulu 


“Long before it ever happened, and in spite of my not believing you, you predicted my second marriage. Years later, you also told me I would be moving to Florida, which was the last thing I ever imagined. You have been a true friend for over 25 years.” – S. Fader, Tampa 

"I can't thank you enough for everything you have given me.  Much of it is 'hard truth' and you've helped me to focus on creating a strong foundation so I can weather the storm. You are a master and I am very, very grateful." - D. Dillavou

4Sight astrology client
4Sight astrology client
4Sight astrology client
4Sight astrology couple
4Sight astrology is fun!
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