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4Sight astrology analysis

What's preoccupying you?

4Sight is confidential, trusted, invaluable. Its objective analysis of your question focuses on specific trends and outcomes going forward. Inquiries are free. Ask anything!

If unable to address your inquiry, I explain why (no fee).

  • Choose a complete written analysis of a specific question ($99), or

  • a recorded in-depth shared-screen consultation (average 90 mins-2hrs) ($199).

      . . . for complex or multiple questions and those wishing to study and work with their horoscopes in detail (solar arcs, etc.): recorded (MP4) for download to review any time.


Business, corporate, political inquiries / retainers are welcome, secure.

4Sight cannot entertain medical questions. The ONLY ethical answer to medical queries is to seek a physician’s diagnosis. (It is sometimes ethical to examine other dynamics and choices connected with health or medical issues through astrology, however.)

Any question is free to ask! 

Expect reply within 48 hours, confirming whether I can answer your question (and when, depending on my schedule) - or to arrange a convenient appointment for a recorded consultation. Will invoice through PayPal.

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